Insurance Exam Audio Lessons Review pt 1


Insurance Exam audio Lessons Review pt 1

This is Insurance Exam audio Lessons Review pt 1 of 4 review lessons in the full audio course. To prepare for the exam you should make sure that you listen to all of the Insurance Exam audio Lessons Review lessons

This Insurance Exam audio Lessons Review lesson is the final lesson in the 5 part sample of the fill 26 lesson course. I hope it has been useful for you in your studies.

The insurance exam for life and health is an additional tests that you will need to pass either before or after you pass a series 7 examination in most cases.

The insurance exam will be most likely the life/health examination this will allow you to present your clients with insurance offerings such as annuities and other insurance products. The insurance exam is a state issued examination while each state has its own examination most of the material from state to state is very similar. There may be some small additions or changes in your state insurance exam but this audio series of lessons should cover most if not all of what you will need to master in order to pass the insurance examination in your state.

Other examinations you may need to pass would include the series 63 which is another state examination for the series 67. I have audio lessons already for the series 63 examination as well.

I have put together a series of 26 audio lessons and four review lessons to help you in the preparation for this examination. This is a sample of the lessons for the series of lessons. If you find this useful and valuable you might consider purchasing the full series of lessons below is a link.

Insurance exam audio lessons


Insurance exam audio lessons Life Health Study Guide
Table of Contents
Lesson 1_Introduction to the Course
Lesson 2_Introduction to Insurance Part I
Lesson 3_Introduction to Insurance Part II
Lesson 4_Insurance Regulation
Lesson 5_Insurance Law
Lesson 6_Underwriting Basics
Lesson 7_Group Insurance
Lesson 8_Policy Issuance and Delivery
Lesson 9_Types of Life Insurance
Lesson 10_Insurance Provisions
Lesson 11_Riders and Waivers
Lesson 11_Riders and Waivers
Lesson 13_Group Life Insurance
Lesson 14_Retirement Plans
Lesson 15_Introduction to Health Insurance
Lesson 16_Introduction to Health Insurance Part II
Lesson 17_Health Insurance Policy Underwriting and Delivery
Lesson 18_Health Insurance Policy Provisions Part II
Lesson 19_Disability Income Insurance
Lesson 20- Disability Income Insurance Part II
Lesson 21_Medical Expense Insurance
Lesson 22 Major Medical Insurance
Lesson 23_Group Health Insurance
Lesson 24_Social Health Insurance
Lesson 25- Social Health Insurance Part II
Lesson 26- Long Term Care
Review Lesson 1
Review Lesson 2
Review Lesson 3
Review Lesson 4

Total Length 12 hours 6 seconds


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