How to pass the Series 7 Exam

How to pass the series 7 exam

I passed the series 7 exam with very high scores the first time. I prepared by reading the material and doing practice questions, that was all I had at the time. I did not have the wealth of study material available today If I did it over I would first read the material, then listen to the series 7 audio material available on this site. Watch the series 7 videos and then test myself and see if I understand the material before moving on the next subject.

It is my goal to help you prepare to take the series 7 exam so to that end this site is designed to provide students with important knowledge and practical experience on how to pass Series 7 exam. Therefore by following instructions shared in this site you can prepare for the test in the most effective way and pass it successfully!

Become Familiar with Series 7 Test Format

First of all, students are recommended become familiar with the format of Series 7 exam. The Series 7 exam takes six hours. The Series 7 test includes 250 questions, which are randomly selected. The exam is divided into two stages and students are provided with three hours and five minutes to finish each stage of the exam. Students are asked up to 125 questions during each stage of the exam. A student has to answer at least 72% of questions correctly to pass the exam.

Get Familiar with Series 7 Exam Questions

It is especially important for students to know the topic of questions, which are usually asked during the test. The list of topics of Series 7 exam includes the following: regulations, customer accounts, debt, trading markets, investment companies, options and others. Preparing for Series 7 exam students should pay special attention to Series 7 exam questions of these topics. The point is that topics listed above include the main part of questions, which students have to answer during the test. It means that if you study these topics by listening to the series 7 audio material, watch the series 7 video material properly you will have better chances to answer the majority of questions correctly and therefore pass Series 7 exam easily and on the first attempt.
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Select an Effective Series 7 Exam Preparation Course

Series 7 study materials are offered in a wide variety now. There are multiple sites that series 7 study material but none that offer free series 7 audio material as this one does so, students can easily find a lot of video courses, Series 7 books, special classes, DVDs and other online training solutions to prepare for Series 7 test and pass it effectively. Please consider the video series 7 video series offered on this site. Professional test training teachers provide students with effective preparation course and helpful information on how to pass Series 7 exam but in order to prosper in the profession it is best if you fully understand the material and not just know how to “pass the test”. Therefore, students should treat seriously the process of selecting Series 7 exam training course. Deal with highly experienced finance professionals who have worked in the industry and not just Series 7 exam trainers.

Learn Series 7 Exam Tricks

Series 7 exam tricks may play a role in the examination process. So, if you have already finished a Series 7 exam preparation course, spend some time to read about effective Series 7 exam tricks and recommendations on how to pass Series 7 exam. We will be putting together an eBook on series 7 exam tricks in the near future.

Free Series 7 audio material!

Sample lessons of the entire course are free so why not check them out? You can download the sample Series 7 audio material free from this site or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes by searching for “Series 7 Podcast” in the iTunes store where it is a free download and as new sample lessons are posted they will automatically downloaded to your device.

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