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Series 63 Exam lesson Introduction
About the Exam

Series 63 Exam lesson 1 Business Practices customer accounts part 1
Cash accounts and
Client information requirements
Margin accounts
Information requirements
Individual Accounts
Joint Accounts
Transfer on Death
Discretionary Authority
Suitability of investments
Wash trades
Solicited orders vs unsolicited orders
Suitability Rules
Customer communication of risks
Fiduciary Rules: Broker Dealer vs Investment Advisor
Reg T
Short Sales
Comingling Stocks
Proprietary positions of Broker Dealer
Client Taking Possession of Securities
Series 63 Exam lesson 2 Business Practices customer accounts part 2
Antifraud Rules
Client Consent
Contract Requirements
Investment Advisory Agreement Requirements
Sharing of Gains and Losses
Brochure requirements
ADVA pt 2a pt2b
Custody of Client Assets

Series 63 Exam lesson 3 Business Practices customer accounts part 3
Borrowing Money from Customers
Loaning Money to Customers
Customer Complaints
Trading Practices
Tipper Tipee rules
Penalties for Insider Trading
Front Running
Initial Public Offerings
Internet Advertising
Email Communication
Selling Away
Referral Fees

Series 63 Exam lesson 4 Business Practices
Uniform Prudent Investor Act
Concentrated Portfolios
Prohibited Transactions
Block Trades
Conflicts of Interest
Not Not May Rules
Promissory Note Fraud
Anti-Money Laundering Rules
Suspicious Activity Reports
Privacy Statement
Orders and Order Confirmations
Do It Rule
Limit Order Display Rule
Payment for Order Flow

Series 63 Exam lesson 5 Registration & Licensing part 1
Blue Sky Laws
Conflicts between Fed and State
Non Issuer
Intuitional Buyers
De Minimis Rule
Exempt Securities
Isolated Transaction Loophole
Covered Securities
Qualified Purchaser

Series 63 Exam lesson 6 Registration & Licensing part 2
Financial Advisors
State Registration vs. Fed Registration
National Securities Improvement act of 1996
Investment Advisor Representative
Broker Dealer Agent
U4 Form
U5 Form
Series 63 Exam lesson 7 Registration & Licensing part 3
Registration Requirements
Net Capital
Individual vs. Entity
Surety Bond
Custody of Assets
Financial Report
Maintaining Registration
Record Keeping Requirements
Record Retention
Broker Dealer Records Act of 1934
Email Correspondence
Electronic Record Keeping
Brochure Rule
Statute of Limitations
Withdrawing from the Business
Series 63 Exam lesson 8 Securities Registration
Definition of Security
Exempted Securities
Federal Covered Securities
Definition of Sale and Offer
Registration by Filing
Registration by Coordination
Registration by Qualification
Revocation of Registration
Hearing Requirements

Series 63 Exam lesson 9 Administrative Procedures
Non Public and Public Investigations
Grounds for Suspension or Revocation
Cease and Desist Orders
Criminal Liability
Civil Liability
Offer of Rescission
Radio and Newspaper Offers
Web Pages