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Hi Franz:: Good evening …………. Just to provide a little feedback from my exam that I passed this morning ( SERIES 66)

I bought your Post Cast Series 63 and used it for the SERIES 66 exam. basically once again, I was able to answer questions directly from your Post Cast.

You have a very good training material, just with a little more promotion more people will buy it

Some suggestions:

– Package a complete SERIES 66 Audio / Pod Cast ( Only One download for iPhone)
– Keep using real examples, that makes more sense at the time of training. I am an Engineer willing to learn, I was always using logic and common sense to understand
– Keep using your Dad and Mom example, probably the best part for me. We are not in this world without them!! …. and the example is real. ….. the competitor: ‘Salomon’ Pod Cast is a person reading a book like a computer.
– Keep using your firm as a real example on registered Investment Advisor
– Keep talking about general comments of the Investment history in USA. This is also part of the learning process to understand why the government implemented the laws and regulations

I have requested ‘English as a second language’ option and NASAA was able to provide me an extra hour for the exam. I was able to complete it 40 minutes before the end of the time. My score was : 76 ( 75 Law and Regulations / 73 Client Investments / 75 Investment Vehicles / 100 Economic Factors)

I work for Merrill Lynch here in Houston Texas and based on this experience I will promote your products to my coworkers. By driving back and forth from Home to the office, the Pod Cast was a perfect learning material. We use KAPLAN as a main standard training platform, it is fine but I was trying to use all the available resources.

Thank you very much for your support!

Luis Olano

Hi Franz,

No problem then, just wanted to make sure there was a site-wide outage (the whole gumroad system was down about a week ago).

While I have you direct, I also want to take a moment to say thank you for putting this series together. I am primarily an auditory learner, and this has been incredibly helpful in learning/reinforcing this material. It is also great that you updated it for 2017, so again big thanks.



From: Luis — <–@yahoo.com>
Subject: Pass Series 7 !!

Message Body:
Hi Franz, I’ve listened to your Series 7 podcasts daily ( while driving my car to the office: Back and Fort) ………. Las week, I successfully have passed the SERIES 7 exam

I would like to mention that I was able to answered some questions directly from the PodCast.

The real examples help me a lot to understand the Financial environment and improved my learning process.

Appreciate your support!

Have a good week!


(Houston, Texas)

Hi Franz,

I am growing by knowledge of Series 7 and 63 exams.
Thank you for your podcasts. I would be happy to review the 63 podcasts.
You are one of the best out there.




I’ve been binge listening to your podcast and videos in preparation for the series 7 exam next Friday. Its been a good resource as I’m commuting back and forth to work and for extra learning on the go. I just looked up your profile to learn more about your background and discovered we share the same alma mater! I now live in Austin, TX, but I just finished an accounting degree at USU.
Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your content.




Hello Franz, I listened to your Series 7 podcasts daily and took the online quizzes and they helped me pass the 7.

Would you make a few podcasts for the Series 24?

Thank you,


Greetings Franz!

You’ll be happy to know I took my test last week and got an 85% on the series 7. Thanks for all your help.
I read The Buffett Way and halfway through The Intelligent Investor. Thanks for recommendations. Now onto the series 66 test on November 21st.



Thank you Franz.  I do enjoy listening to these lessons while I drive. It is helping me get the background info so that when I have to take the course for work, I will be better prepared.

thanks again.

Franz! I started studying for my 7 a year ago this week and used your podcasts along with my other study materials to help understand some topics better.  They were extremely helpful and know they contributed to my passing score of 87. I recommend your podcast to all of our new hires.  Thank you for these podcasts- seeing your email in my inbox gave me a touch of nostalgia, though I don’t miss the studying!



Subject: Thank you
Message Body:

I have listen to your podcast as I was making a career change from managerial food and beverage industry to financial industry. Two years later I find myself working for a large brokerage firm getting approval to take Series 7 test. Since my role doesn’t require series 7, I have to self study after work and on weekends with little help but study book. Other people in my group are asking for material to supplement their reading and I mentioned your sight. I told them to listen to podcast on apple to see if it meets their standard and then go to site and buy the material. I was amazed that none of them are aware of your site. I find information so knowledgable such as the K1 Partnerships that is constant question from clients. I know my company has strict rules on social media and communications but I wanted to to tell you thank you for the material. I believe my way of saying thanks is spreading the word to make it worth all the time and effort you put into this site.

Thank You


PS. I also went to ski school,  CU Boulder and stayed in Colorado


Subject: Series 66

Message Body:

Purchased your series 7 podcast…VERY helpful.  Please let me know if you have or know of similar podcast on series 66 and Series 24. Thank you



I wrote you a nice review on Amazon.  Thanks again for getting me hooked back up with you material.

Have a Great and Blessed year.


Subject: Series 7 exam

Message Body:

Hello Franz,

I just want to thank you for your  podcasts. I purchased all 30 lessons to enhance my prep . I was recently successful in passing the series 7 exam. I work full time and have two children, and  can’t imagine passing without your podcasts. They were very comprehensive and well orgazinized.

Thanks again!



Subject: Series 7 Podcast Comment

Message Body:

This message is for Franz, I just had to take a second out of my incredibly busy schedule to say that I THOROUGHLY enjoy the podcasts!


They are a TREMENDOUS help and I appreciate every second.


Thank you for making this!






I am in licensing through Waddell & Reed.  They recommended  The Keir Smart 7 course.  I am struggling with “debt” (imagine that).  I purchased your episodes 4-8 as supplemental info.  I listened to a free podcast of yours and it was easy to understand.  Your voice is quite calming.

I look forward to providing some feedback to you on your tools.

Thanks for taking the time to develop these podcasts.  I hope they help.



Hi Franz:

I passed the Series 7 Exam on Friday with 92%. Thank you very much for providing the Podcasts and Videos both of which were very helpful in my studies.

Best wishes,



From: R. Keith —–, CFA Subject: Series 7 Podcasts – a very significant help Message Body: Franz, after 20 years on the “buy side” I have recently joined JP Morgan Securities and had to “re-take” the 7. I had it once in the ’90s but could not keep it when I changed firms at some point in 2002. I do a significant amount of travel between Atlanta, Charleston SC, and Jacksonville FL, and found your podcasts to be tremendously helpful in my study process. Your approach and style is perfect for listening to these in the car as one travels. Length and content are excellent. I also took a Kaplan in class course and found the overlap between your podcasts and their focus to be significant. I gave the podcast a full 5-star rating on iTunes. I took the test Monday and made what I consider to be a “perfect score” – a 74! With 2 Finance degrees, an MBA and CFA, I know a bit about tests and can honestly tell you that rarely (less than 10% of the time) could I get the answer choices below 2 good answers. They have made it very tough. Thanks again for your efforts in putting this together. I have let my Compliance Head at JPM know how helpful the podcasts were so perhaps they will use you in the future. Regards, R. Keith —–,


From: Stephen—-

Subject: Study materials…

I’ve been listening to your podcasts and they are a great aid to me in studying for Series 7!  I tend to learn by audio well, so I can study while I am washing the dishes or cleaning up the house.  It’s great!  I just wish there were more podcasts out there like this.

I plan to download the videos for free.   I will pay you a donation as this has been infinitely valuable…after starting at Fidelity and getting paid (in a few weeks).  Until then, things are a bit tight.

Again, thanks!

– Stephen


From: Naomi —–

Subject: Thank you for creating this

I’ve been trying to study for this exam since June. I work with Wells Fargo Advisors and am expected to pass this exam to begin working more exclusively for one of my FAs as a partner. It has been so hard to find time to study and make progress. From June to December I was able to master Equities and have been stuck in Debt for a long time. I’m taking the chapter exams and can’t pass with more than a 70% average and I need an 80% to move onto Options. I just found your product and am so looking forward to this style of learning. Just reading and testing wasn’t giving me the actual, personal explanation of what is actually going on. I’m using the Series 7 material : Smart 7 Pass Perfect that my Company paid for. I just finished all your podcasts ending Debt and am moving on to the video series. I hope to take another exam after I go through your series and check my understanding. Wish me luck!! Thank you for not giving up!!!



From: Thomas ——

Subject: Thank you!

Honestly, this is awesome. You put some time into this and I can only say thank you. It’s wonderful to see people helping, just to help! Not looking to charge 500 bucks (STC..Kaplan..cough cough), but really just applying their talents and knowledge with good intentions of hoping it helps someone else down the road. The material is perfect. Being able to apply the concepts from the books to your site is beyond helpful. I’ll be sure to share this with everyone who’s taking the series 7. Thanks for being a good person, and a genius  really. Have a good year!


From John—

This is a great set.  I wish they were all complete.  I am also surprised that there is nobody else in this market (audio — perfect for driving).  Still — what you accomplished so far is excellent.




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