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Series 7 Exam Preparation Lesson 45 Macro Economic Analysis 2017


In this Series 7 Exam lesson we cover basic Macro Economic terms and analysis which you need to understand in order to pass the Series 7 Exam.
The US economic history is a history of business cycles. Business cycles follow a similar pattern over and over again it starts with expansion and then follows with a contraction and recession and then repeats the process over and over again. The length of the expansions and the lengths of the recessions very but the pattern is consistent. In this Series 7 Exam lesson we discuss terms that are used to describe the economy of the United States. We discuss the gross national product and the gross domestic product and how those two terms differ. We talk about the various theories of economy such as the supply-side theory, the monetarist theory and the Keynesian theory. We discuss fiscal policy and monetary policy, what is inflation what is deflation and what is the definition of a recession and depression. We talk about consumer price index the producer price index. We discuss at length the role of the Federal Reserve including its history and its open market operations we describe the Fed funds rate, the discount rate, and the prime rate. We talked about the velocity of money, M1, M2 and M3 and how the money supply expands and contracts based on actions of the Federal Reserve Board. We talk about leading and lagging economic indicators such as consumer confidence index in the various reports put out by the conference Board.

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