Series 7 Exam Preparation Quiz Problems


For those of you who signed up for the daily quizzes The Quiz website I used to deliver you quizzes ( seems to no longer working with the quizzes I created. I will be taking down the sign-up form for the daily quizzes.
This is beyond my control and I apologize for any inconvenience. This podcast is explaining the situation to you and how I found out about it over the last three weeks.

I will eventually put up an e-book of quizzes that you will be able to download but that’s in the works and I’m not sure how long it will take I will let you know when it is available.

For full 58 lesson bundle through Gumroad :

In addition to being able to use the Gumroad App to listen do the lessons on your smart phone this series of lessons also consists of 58 individual lessons in MP3 format mp3 files of lessons 1-58 covering:

Series 7 Study Guide Audio Lessons 1 to 58

My other Podcast Is “Sailing in the Mediterranean” located at:
If you’re interested in my sailing instructional audio series here are the links:

Sailing! Learn to Sail: Basic Keelboat Certification Lessons for the ASA 101 Exam
Sailing! Learn to Sail: Basic Coastal Cruising; Lessons for the ASA 103 Exam
Sailing! Learn To Sail: Bareboat Cruising Certification Lessons for the ASA 104 Exam
Sailing in the Mediterranean Website

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