Excel Spreadsheets For Series 7 Exam Study

As discussed in Lesson 45:

Stock Margin Worksheet

The link above will let you download an Excel Worksheet and allow you to see what margin requirements are needed for different situations.  Change the values in the yellow highlighted cells and it changes the results.

Have fun

Below is the spread sheet described in Episode 38 where I discuss the Discounted Cash Flow Model of investment analysis. This is just one model I develpoed you probably can find a lot of others on the net or just design one yourself.

Discount Cash Flow Valuation Worksheet

Below is a link to download an Excel worksheet that will let you experiment with different spread scenarios, the excel work book has tabs for  bull call spreads, bear call spreads, bull put spreads and bear put spreads.

You may change any values in the yellow highlighted cells and it will change the results.

Have fun playing with this worksheet.  If you see any mistakes please let me know!

Option Spread Excel Spreadsheet (password is spreadfun)

Spread Worksheet