Series 7 Daily Quizzes Announcement

As I write this (June 28,2017) I am in the process of setting up series 7 quizzes for each of the lessons in the 58 lesson audio series 7 study guide.  When these are done I will then bundle the series 7 quizzes with the audio course and the price for the full Series 7 audio study guide including the Series 7 Quizzes will be set at $99.99

This bundle will only be available through this website.  It will consist of over 25 hours of Series 7 Exam Audio Instruction and over 2000 Series 7 Quizzes

I will not sell the Series 7 Audio study guide without the quizzes.


I have found that in order to prepare for the Series 7 Exam efficiently

  1. The student needs to take the series 7 quiz prior to listening to the series 7 lesson corresponding with the series 7 quiz
  2. Then listen to the audio lesson. 
  3. Once the student has listened to the Series 7 lesson then the quiz should be taken again.

This way the student can track his comprehension of the subject matter contained in the quiz.

In the near future I sill be letting students sample 5 audio lessons and 15 Series 7 quizzes.

If you are interested then sign up in the form below and if/when I have this sample of the Series 7 Study Guide and Series 7 Quizzes ready you will be on the list.

Here is how it will work when you buy the 58 Lesson Series 7 Study Guide through the link on this website, you will immediately get an email from me with a link to take the test for lesson 1 .  After you click this link and take the quiz you will get another email from me for the series 7 quiz for lesson 2. And so forth…. Each time you get a new email and click the link for that quiz it triggers the next email with a link to the next quiz

You may save the emails and the links and take the Series 7 quizzes as many times as you like.



Series 7 Daily Quizzes

Sign up to get 5 sample lessons and 15 sample Series 7  Quizzes.

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